Before Your Session

We recommend you schedule a consultation. This complimentary visit allows you to see our studio, meet our staff, get an idea of what type of images you are wanting, and an opportunity to review our pricing and book your session. Payment plans with no interest are available!

During Your Session

Try to arrive a few minutes early, so we can make the most of your session time. We encourage you to bring memorabilia like a musical instrument, a car, motorcycle or family pet! This adds an extra personal touch to your portraits.

Choose clothing that makes you feel good. Your happiness will be reflected in the photographs! Your clothes should complement, not dominate. Try to stay away from busy prints or patterns. Solid colors are best. Dark jeans are always best. Please stay away from high-waisted or empire dresses. Fitted dresses with a waist or belted are best. Simple, timeless outfits photograph best because they aren’t distracting. A good suggestion, bring something that is the color of your eyes.

Accessories rule! We recommend taking a duffle bag and filling it with all the things you love. Ball caps, scarves, jewelry, hats. We are looking for items that are reflections of who you are today.


After Your Session

Once your session is complete, we will schedule a sales meeting for the following week. At this meeting, you will see a slideshow of your portraits as well as a variety of our product samples. It is important that all decision makers attend this meeting. A full or partial payment will be required to complete your order. ***We offer no interest payment plans to work with any budget.

If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment,please contact our office at (817)790-2306